Thinking with your pink is hard.

The menu

On top you see a menu. Here you can upload your drawing, find extra options, turn on/off tools and behind every action you'll see the shortcut key.

Send oekaki- Upload your drawing to the site. After this you'll see different options to do with your drawing.

Duplicate- duplicate layers
Merge down- merge the layer with the layer under your current layer.

Clear- clear everything in the layer or selection
Fill- fill the layer or selection with the colour you selected.
Flip horizontal- flip everything in the layer horizontal
Flip vertical- flip everything in the layer vertical
Invert- invert all colours in the layer or selection, like a photo negative.

Blur>box blur... -blur layer or selection. Adjust the amount with "blur amount".
Noise>Render monochromatic- make noise (like on tv) in black and white.
Noise>Render Color- make noise in colours.

Floating mode- Draw in a seperate window. Close this window to go back.
Zoom 100%- true sizes.
Use linear interpolation- If you turn on this your drawing will be blurred so you don't see pixels.
Palletes- Here you can turn off and on the tools.
Palletes> Toggle palletes- Turn all tools off or on.

The toolbox


1. Select
2. Move
3. Paint bucket
4. Rotate canvas
5. Pencil- sharp brush, big and with transparency pen pressure.
6. Pen- Small sharp brush with size pen pressure.
7. Airbrush- Very soft brush.
8. Watercolour- Brush with paint effect, it blends colours on the layer.
9. Eraser
10. Soft eraser.
11. Smudge- smudge colours without adding colour (also uses other layers)
12. Blender- spread colours. (doesn't use other layers)
13. Dodge- lighten colours.
14. Burn- darken colours.

15. Blur

Brush settings

You can edit every brush in detail.


Click on the arrow to see more options.
Round pixelated- Round sharp brush without anti antilias (good for pixel art).
Round hard edge- Round sharp brush.
Round soft edge- Round soft brush.
Square pixelated- square sharp brush without anti antilias.
Square hard edge- square sharp brush.

brush options
Brush Size- Change brush size. You can also adjust the size by dragging in the example (the circle).
Opacity- Adjust transparency of the brush.
Color- This is only used on watercolour. Here you can adjust the amount of blending and how much colour it will add.
Blend- This is only used on the blender. Here you adjust the amount of blending.
Spacing- Space in the line. The more space, the more space between points.
Scattering- how much speckles and how much spreading of the line.

Smoothing- The softness of the brush.

The circles
You can use this if you have a drawing tablet. Click on the circles to turn it on (filled) or off (empty). The number in the bar stands for the maximum.

How to create pixel art?
Take the pencil and do this:



Opacity- Transparency of the layer. The bigger the number, the more solid.
Sample all layers- Here you can choose to turn on sampling all visible layers (by clicking right in the canvas), or turn off sampling all visible layers, so you only sample the layer you're on.
Lock alpha- If you turn this on, you can't draw or erase over a transparent part of the layer. On the first layer the eraser won't erase white parts.

Click on the circles next to the layers to make them visible  (filled) or invisible (empty).

Layer option
Normal- No special effect.
Multiply- darken all colours per channel (red green and blue). The darker the colour, the more effect. White will be completly transparent. It looks like coloured glass.
Add- The opposite of multiply, but brighter than screen.
Screen- The opposite of multiply.
Lighten- Compares per channel which colour is the most bright and shows those colours.
Darken- Opposite of lighten.
Substract- Opposite of add.
Dodge- ligthen and make the contrast of the layer under it bigger.
Burn- Same as dodge, but darker.
Overlay- Combination of multiply and screen. Light colours in the layer under it will get screen and dark colours multiply.
Hard light- Combination of multiply and screen. Light colours in the same layer will get screen and dark colours multiply.
Soft light- less intens than hard light.
Vivid light- Combination of dodge and burn.
Linear light- Combination of add and substract.
Pin light- Combination of lighten and darken.

Other tools


Click on a texture to use it. You can edit it by inverse the colours, flip horizontal, darken, lighten and change the contrast. You will see a preview of your changes.
This doesn't work with paint bucket.

Some quick basic buttons.

Choose your colour. Click on the right the colour and in the big box the brightness and intensity. On the bottom you'll see a preview.

Save here your colours temporary.

Choose different line styles here.
1. Normale free line.
2. Straight lines.
3. Smooth, vector based lines. Start dragging a line and you'll get automatically the possibility to change the line.

Hidden shortcut keys

-click right or alt+click to pick a colour.
-Space bar: drag the canvas.
-[ or ] change size of the brush
-press shift while making selections: create perfect square selections.
-press alt while dragging a selection: copy within the same layer.