How dare you to touch my mouse!

"Yuuto Ichika" by WashYourFumos

01 Dec 2019 18:13
Yuuto Ichika
Applet used: blush
Time spent: 8 minutes 45 seconds

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"Virtual Hug" by for2itousroller

01 Dec 2019 00:35
Applet used: animaki
Time spent: 40 minutes 21 seconds
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for2itousroller     01 Dec 2019 00:36
because why not?

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"dragonfruit" by anders

28 Nov 2019 20:31
Applet used: blush
Time spent: 3 hours 48 minutes 19 seconds

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"that's the colour" by anders

25 Nov 2019 07:11
that's the colour
Applet used: blush
Time spent: 19 minutes 14 seconds

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"wip!" by Runch

22 Nov 2019 23:23
Applet used: animaki
Time spent: 2 hours 39 minutes 9 seconds
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Runch     22 Nov 2019 23:25
I'll continue on this in a bit, but I'm worried there is some kind of limit on how long an animaki-gif can be. Does anyone know? : )

Runch     23 Nov 2019 01:04
Or a size limit for the file!

for2itousroller     30 Nov 2019 23:50
as far as I know, there isnt.. i think... there is a limit to how many layers that you can make, but I'm not sure how big files can be... I'm also kinda stretching limits with the animation that I'm working on. however, so far there really hasn't been a limit to how far I can go... so i dont know... but go on and stretch that limit if you want!

Runch     02 Dec 2019 10:28
Thanks, I think I'll save after each cut so if I do run into a size limit I wont have to delete everything!

for2itousroller     02 Dec 2019 20:59
Any time!

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"wow." by for2itousroller

22 Nov 2019 19:17
Applet used: animaki
Time spent: 4 minutes 37 seconds
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for2itousroller     22 Nov 2019 19:18
*when you realize that you're the only one active

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21 Nov 2019 14:40
Applet used: animaki
Time spent: 9 minutes 10 seconds

for2itousroller     21 Nov 2019 14:41

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"drawin" by for2itousroller

21 Nov 2019 01:25
Applet used: animaki
Time spent: 34 minutes 13 seconds
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for2itousroller     21 Nov 2019 01:29
I should have done a better background...
say hi to my OC! I've used her in almost every animation that I've done on the soft wares that I own other that oekaki. I thought that i should give using her a try. It came out really badly though because of animaki's pix-elated style. still, I'll take it! I'll do a better drawing of her soon (she's basically myself, except better looking). I will also be posting other newer ocs too! let me know if you have ideas!

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"fig" by anders

20 Nov 2019 17:48
Applet used: blush
Time spent: 1 hour 1 minute 31 seconds
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#180211 by Guest

19 Nov 2019 19:51
Applet used: animaki
Time spent: 7 minutes 31 seconds

oni     20 Nov 2019 19:12
so cool !!!!

for2itousroller     21 Nov 2019 01:12

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