And then I had to fight with a fork.


0000007116.jpgBefore you start, choose the right canvas size. You can't change it after you started. The first number is width, the second is height.

Buttons on top


Upload. Here you can upload the drawing to the server. After that, you can continue on the drawing or publish it so everyone can see your drawing.

Float. With this you can draw in an independend window. You'll be asked first. If you close the window you'll turn back to normal drawing modus.

Redo. If you used undo, you can redo the action you undid.

Undo. With this you can take a step back when you made a mistake. You can use this multiple times.

Fill. This button is like paint bucket in other programs. Fill a part of your drawing with one colour.


Most buttons use multiple tools that appear when you click and hold on it.

Draw sharp lines with pixel structure.
Water. With this you can paint and blend colours.
Airbrush. A brush with a very soft edge.
Pen. Sharp brush without pixel edges.
EPen. This tool make a blotchy effect
Mosaic. Use this over your drawing and it will turn in something pixellated.

Lighten a colour.
Burn. Darken a colour.
Soft. Blur your image.
Text. Type text in your drawing.

With this you can select a part and copy to another place of the canvas.

Eraser with hard edge.
Esmooth. Eraser with soft edge.
EraseRect. Erase with a rectangle.
EraseAll. Clear your drawing and start over again.

Choose a colour.
Texture. Draw with a texture. You can choose from different patterns.

Draw normally.
Line. Draw straight lines.
Bezier. Draw clean curved lines. This takes practise.
SolidRect. Draw filled rectangles.
Rect. Draw rectangles without filling.
SolidOval. Draw filled circles.
Oval. Draw unfilled circles.
Fill. paint bucket.

Draw normally.
Mask. With this tool you can't draw over the selected colour.
Reverse M. With this tool you can only draw over the selected colour.

Color palette.
Click on the right in your drawing to pick a colour. Click on the right in the colour palette to change the colour to the new colour.

Manually edit colours
R is red, G green and B voor blue. 0 is very dark en 255 very light. With A you can change transparency. A1 is invisible and A255 is solid. You can use this also for the erasers.

Manually edit brush size.
By clicking right you can also edit the brush itself.

Clicking this, you will get a layersmenu. 0 is the bottom layer.
In the menu you can Add layer, Delete layer, Visible layers combine and use preview (you will see a preview of the layer when rollover the mouse).
You can change transparency on the bar.
Left click on the circle to turn off the layer. Right click to turn off all other layers.
Change layer order by draggin the layer to another place. You can choose to merge the layers or shift them.

0000007124.jpgOn the bottom and right are scrollbars. You can zoom in with + and zoom out with -.
Pressing the P let you use the pressure sensitivity of your drawing tablet, if you installed Jtablet.

The drawing screen

0000007126.jpgTurn of alpha and size by clicking the square on the left. The upper bar is minimum and the bottom bar is maximum.
Apha is for transparancy of your brush. The softer you press, the more transparent your line will be.
Size is for line thickness. The harder you press, the thicker your line.

Have fun!